Grant Info

Women on Mission-St. Louis is a community of women who seek to transform lives in the St. Louis area through high impact and life-long giving. We want our funds to make a visible difference in our community. We consider grant applications from not-for-profit organizations which have a 501 (c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service. Applicant agencies must serve the College Hill area in St. Louis, Missouri. Our focus areas for giving are Health, Human Services, Education, Arts, Civic, and the Environment.


Grants applications are due by March 31 for the current year’s award.
Please send 2 copies of grant applications to the following address:

Women on Mission-St. Louis
1569 Autumn Leaf Drive,  Ballwin
, MO 63021

After completing and mailing your Grant Application, please email Women on Mission-St. Louis at to verify receipt.

Proposals are solicited and evaluated from January through May and awarded in June. Grants will be considered only once within the same calendar year.

To apply for support

  • Organizations must serve College Hill and be a qualified 501 (c) 3 as determined by the Internal Revenue Service.
  • The project or program must have measurable, specific goals with a projected timeline for completion.
  • Must plan to expend and use the full amount of grant allocation within 24 months.
  • Must comply with Judeo-Christian principles.
  • Must be familiar with information on this site.

Our guidelines are continuing to evolve and Women on Mission-St. Louis reserve the right to change the criteria without prior notice at any time. Organizations submitting applications who do not meet the above criteria will be rejected from consideration.

Organizations NOT Eligible for Funding

  • Political organizations or programs
  • Individual or families
  • Adoption services
  • Organizations outside of the St. Louis metropolitan area
  • Debt reduction
  • Dissertations or research projects
  • For-profit business
  • Memorials or endowments
  • Raffles, Door prizes
  • Legal expense
  • Capital campaign unrelated to specific program or project
  • Advertisement
  • Fund raising events, annual funds, galas
  • Gifts
  • Medical research
  • Abortion-related services

Focus Areas

  • Health: This focus area includes charitable programs that positively impact the health and wellness of our neighbors.
  • Human Service: This focus area includes programs that strengthen and enhance the lives of children and families.
  • Education: This focus area supports improvement in the school system and learning environment of children, with emphasis on literacy.
  • Arts: This focus area supports organizations or programs that are innovative and creative to promote the participation of people in these activities.
  • Environment: This focus area support organizations or programs that protect and preserve our environment.
  • Civic: This focus area includes community building, economic development, and workforce development.

Each organization must select one focus area under which it wishes to be considered.

Grant Application Format

We want to you to be successful with your grant application to Women on Mission – St. Louis. Please submit your proposal with the following information:

    • The organization’s name, brief history and contact information.
    • Memorandum of Understanding, if applying with or partnering with another organization.
    • List of Board of Directors, staff and affiliations
    • Most recent financial audit or statement
    • Your two most recently filed Federal 990 tax return
    • Operating budget for the entire organization
    • Your IRS 501 ( c) 3 determination letter
    • Brief description of project or program, including:
      • Include target population
      • Provide operating budget for the project or program
      • Identify your outcomes and how will you measure them
      • Identify other organizations you are collaborating with on this project or program and who they are
      • Define the duration of the project or program
      • Provide a list of foundation and corporate support with the amounts given
      • No more than 2 pages
      • Font must be 12 pt in Times New Roman