2015 Grant Recipient Update: LCMS Lutheran Housing Support

LCMS Lutheran Housing Support was one of two recipients for the Women on Mission’s 2015 grant. They have been focused on the reduction of violent crime through increased security measures throughout the community, which will assist police in catching criminals, deter crime and support officer safety in the neighborhood.

We are happy to pass along the latest update from Fred Kimbrough, Director of Projects at Lending at LCMS Lutheran Housing Support…

“I am happy to report for the year ending in 2016 there were no homicides in the College Hill Neighborhood.  Crime statistics from the
St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department illustrating December 2015 to December 2016 show a 100% decrease in total homicides.
We thank God and give him the glory for creating this turn around.  In 2016, overall property crime was down nineteen percent (19%)
and total crime decreased by fifteen percent (15%).  Finally it has been communicated to us by several police officers, who work
in College Hill, that we have gone from worst to first with respect to the improvement in crime within St. Louis City’s 6
th Police District.”